Future Kitchen

The Kitchen is often the hub of a house, how much could its design change in the years to come?

Shown at the recent NY design Week event Caesarstone and Pratt Institute have teamed up to give us a look at the self-sustaining kitchen of the future


The Future Kitchen challenges technology and nature to work in unison. The concept is an experiment by Industrial Design students to create a self-sustaining space that operates through aquaponics, hydroponics, 3D printing, water filtration, indoor farming, composting and food storage.



Image credits: http://www.caesarstoneus.com and inhabitat.com


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Candlelight by LED?

Love the atmosphere created by a real flame indoors without the associated dangers?  Well take a look at Mori London’s pair of handmade glass lamps.

Created by Mori London designer and founder Moritz Waldemeyer, the two pieces are titled ‘Midnight Oil’ and ‘Eternal Flame’


Made with a small matrix of low temperature LEDs, which have been programmed to flicker and dance like a real candle. The technology is relatively simple and has the wonderful effect of fooling the eye into believing there’s a real flame inside.

Video and Image credits: http://mori.london

Moritz Waldemeyer, has a history of experimenting with the concept of lighting through technology, at the Versace Fall 2017 runway show he used liquid ink displays whilst back in  2004 for Swarovski and Ron Arad he created the  interactive chandelier  at the Milan Design Week.

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