Take a breather in the “Comfort Zone” Inspirations 2017 Maison & Objet Paris

How would you create physical calm in your home?  So that when you stepped into your space regardless of its size and structure, the constant demands and uncertainty of the world were washed away.

This inspired “Comfort Zone” from Maison & Objet  recently.

They suggest curves instead of straight lines, chairs made with tactile fluffy toys and tranquil colours to ease tension.

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Spiraling Treetop Observation Tower


Designed by the Danish architecture studio EFFEKT is the impressive observation tower rising well beyond the surrounding forest’s trees. Visitors are able to enjoy unprecedented views of Gisselfeld Klosters, a privately-owned preservation located about an hour south of Copenhagen.


At an impressive height of 1,969 feet the walkway is accessible to everyone, there are no steps, just a gently sloping ramp. Visitors are able to enjoy the scenery from all levels.


The architects explain the one of the major objectives themselves “how can we protect a preserved forest and make it accessible at the same time?” “The tower is set gently and respectfully in the forest, disturbing the existing surroundings as little as possible, while creating a new unique opportunity to take a walk above the tree tops and experience the stunning nature from a new perspective.”


EFFEKT state, “A 600 meters long tree top walkway around the forest, will be connected to the tower as a continuous experience. Both tower and walkway function as a seamless continuous ramp that will make the forest accessible for all, despite physical condition.”

The Treetop Experience is just a concept for now, but it’s well on its way to becoming a physical structure. In January, EFFEKT revealed that they had been granted building permission and that they would release further details on the project as soon as they could.

Image credits: http://www.effekt.dk/work/#/camp



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