Paint-on wallpaper?

Wallpaper can dynamically change the look and feel of any room, with these wallpaper-like paint rollers from The Painted House you have infinite possibilities to create a design totally unique to you.

Using the Painted House’s patterned paint rollers will give you the look of patterned wallpaper with the easy roll-on application of paint, without the need to line up and match each roll of wallpaper. According to The Painted House it’s no harder than lining up a couple of marks on the rollers.


Of course the other beauty these rollers, if you wish to change design it’s as simple as painting over the old design and applying a new one!

painted-house3Furthermore using The Painted House rollers doesn’t just apply to walls, they also provide instructions on putting patterns to fabric, paper or even furniture. Anything you can apply paint to can be used to create your own unique designs.

paintedhouse7 paintedhouse6 paintedhouse4


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Looking to re-design the layout of your room? Why not try this free app!

Decolabs is an Ipad app with which you can take a photo of your room then browse through an e-catalog for items such as tables, sofas, shelving etc. With this app you can then design and decorate your room testing different design layouts to suit your own style and needs.

Decolabs main site can be found at

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Moon inspired lamp design

Some interior design ideas are out of this world, take this Moon inspired lamp for example.


Designed by Constantin Bolimond this crater-filled lamp is a design concept called Armstrong Light Trap

Armstrong-Light-ConstantinBolimond2       Armstrong-Light-Constantin-Bolimond4

A great feature of this lamp is overall brightness can be adjusted by how many of the cork holes (craters) are opened. This feature also allows for the light to be directed at a focal point if so desired.

Armstrong-Light-Constantin-Bolimond5    armstrong light-bolimond

The Armstrong lamp uses energy-efficient LED lights which consume 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer, when compared to incandescent lamps.

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Decorating or painting a room? How much paint do you need?

Do you buy more paint than is needed, or do you risk under buying and not having enough to finish the job?



This helpful guide is given as a rough indication only, and measurements and quantities may vary from country to country and even from one manufacturer to the other. Always be careful to check all details with the supplier/manufacturer before ordering.

Paints and Varnishes
To find the area to be covered, multiply the width of the walls/ceiling by the height/length to give an area in square metres/yards (area = width x length). Different types of paint will have different covering power and this will also be affected by the surface area being painted: rough or porous surfaces will require more paint for the same area.

Use the table below as an approximate guide only.                                                                         paint_brush

1 litre = 1.76 pints in the UK, where there are 20 fluid ounces in a pint.

1 litre= 1.40 pints in the US, where there are 16 fluid ounces in a pint.

1 square metre = 1.2 square yards.


Rhodec paint amounts


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Can wood be sewn?

Maybe, with this new material design innovation!

Anastasiya Koshcheeva and Oya-Meryem Yanik both Berlin based product designers have teamed up on a project that is a study in materials, the outcome? Chester is a new, innovative material that looks at molded wood in a new way.


The two product designers have created a new surface material that’s held together with sewn seams, and doesn’t use normal wood gluing techniques.

The material can be used by itself or applied to plywood. The stitching which could be great for interior designers looking for an unusual look, adds a decorative touch to whatever it’s covering, Chester also adds some padding to the surface it’s applied too.

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Amazing Black Friday Interior Design Course Offers!





If you wish to take advantage of this offer we must receive your enrolment and payment details by close of business on Friday 5th December 2014. Please visit our fees page to see prices and enrolment links.

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The Living Cube. Unusual storage design solution.

Living in a small apartment/flat? Storage is often a problem interior design and decorators need to overcome. This unusual interior design storage idea comes from Swiss designer Till Könneker


The design would also be great for a childs bedroom.


A neatly concealed door on the side of the cube is  large enough for Könneker to walk through, allowing easy access to any items stored inside.


The cube was designed by Könneker’s to meet his specific needs, but was carpented by Remo Zimerli at Holzalabor who  turned the design into a usable wonderful looking reality.


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Interior Design Tradeshows, Exhibitions

Two upcoming  Interior Design/Decoration expo’s  this December.


iidex  rhodec-iidex

Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition and Conference
December 03-04, 2014, Toronto, Canada
Metro Toronto Covnention Centre North


rhodec-design miami  rhodec-designmiami

Design Miami

December 03-07, 2014

Preview day, December 02

Miami Beach, USA

Held in Miami, Florida, USA, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This is the USA’s largest design event.

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Interior Design reference books

Many times at Rhodec International we’re asked to recommend Interior Design reference books, below are a few that anyone interested in design, decoration or architecture should read.

rhodec-history-of interior -design

A HISTORY OF INTERIOR DESIGN by John Pile. Comprehensive and sumptuously illustrated, right up to date with modern trends. Not cheap, but quite possibly the only History reference book you’ll need. 400 illustrations including 200 in colour (ISBN: 9781856695961)

THAMES & HUDSON WORLD OF ART PAPERBACKS Invaluable guides to historical periods, each approx. 200 pages, fully illustrated in colour and black and white. Roman Art and Architecture; The Classical Language of Architecture; The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance; Dictionary of the Italian Renaissance; Palladio and Palladianism; Baroque and Rococo; The Architecture of the 18th Century; Victorian Architecture; The Arts and Crafts Movement; Art Deco; De Stijl; Bauhaus; Design Since 1945; Interior Design of the 20th Century; Furniture: A Concise History; The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design; Industrial Design; American Architecture; Western Architecture – A Survey; Modern Architecture: A Critical History; Cathedrals of England.


REEKIE’S ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING Fraser Reekie, considered by many to be the definitive book on the subject. Mr. Reekie lectured alongside the founder of Rhodec and was awarded both the RIBA Bossam and RIBA Grissell Gold Medals. Here he brings his vast experience to bear on what is for many the most esoteric of subjects. Nearly 300 pages of authoritative, easy-to-read text and many straightforward plans and illustrations. Fully updated and now includes a chapter on CAD (ISBN: 9780340573242)


DRAW INTERIORS Mary Seymour Visual and practical approach to the subject, with dozens of samples.ISBN: (9780713683059)

Building Construction ‘Construction for Interior Designers’ -Longman Art & Design- Paperback by Roland Ashcroft

Interior Design Illustrated’ (Paperback) by Francis D. K. Ching (Author), Corky Binggeli (Author)
The Interior Design Course Thames & Hudson by Tomaz Tangaz ISBN (978-0500-28598-5)

Building Construction Illustrated – Wiley, by Frank Ching, Cassandra Adams
2001 ISBN: 0471358983, 9780471358985

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