KLIO, 4K Digital Art Into The Home


Art.com is looking  to do for art and design as what Spotify has done for music: turn visual art into an ever changing and on-demand catalogue of streaming imagery for the home, all in 4K resolution.


Art in the home is evolving from static poster/prints into animated digital prints and video. Digital prints can be gathered into ‘playlists’ just like music.  Electric Objects EO1, Meural, and Depict are all competing for wall space in the home, each offering differing options of connectivity and styles. Where the KLIO differs is its large 4K display.


KLIO size dimensions

Being around 41”by 26” or the even larger 47” by 31”, both 3” thick, the framed display offers 3840×2160 pixels. The KLIO is available in three styles; Muse, Stylist and rival (seen below) each with varying frame widths, materials and style to suit your individual interior decor.


The KLIO requires a wi-fi connection as art files are downloaded into its local memory. As with most technology today users are able to customise and control the KILO using a browser or iSO app.  It can display a variety of static and animated images. Art.com also has a digital marketplace where artists are able to upload and sell their work directly to KLIO.

All image and video credits: http://www.klioart.com/


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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone!  George Stanley designed the Canadian flag, unofficially known as the Maple Leaf.  The red field with the white square at its centre, and eleven pointed maple leaf is based upon the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada.



What better way to celebrate than get inspired by some amazing interior designers based in Canada.  Commercial Designers Burdifilek add their unique touch to this redesign for luxury shoe store, Davids in Toronto….

Burdifilek_Davids_Toronto_208image credits go to Burdifilek

And more recently in 2015 for Holt Renfrew….

Holt Renfrew 2015image credits go to Burdifilek

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Free Interior Design application Sweet Home 3D



Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application that helps you to quickly draw the floor plan of your house, arrange furniture on it, and visit the results in 3D.



Available at http://www.sweethome3d.com/, this program is aimed at people who want to design their interior quickly, whether they are moving or they just want to redesign their existing home. Numerous visual guides help you draw the plan of your home and layout furniture. You may draw the walls of your rooms upon the image of an existing plan, and then, drag and drop furniture onto the plan from a catalogue organized by categories. Each change in the 2D plan is simultaneously updated in the 3D view, to show you a realistic rendering of your layout.

All Image/video credits http://www.sweethome3d.com

Sweet Home 3D is free of charge, for personal or commercial purpose, under the terms of the GNU General Public License


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Eco Wallpapers


Front Design and Eco Wallpaper collaborated to bring a collection of three dimensional looking wallpapers. Using a plain white background, each design features pencil sketches tricking the eye and giving the illusion of depth, simply by using light and shadow.


The collection for Eco Wallpaper consists of nine wallpapers. They wanted paper to give a three-dimensional texture to walls. For the Weave pattern above they cut ribbons of wallpaper, wove them together, and made pencil drawings where all the shadows/shades and gradients were showing. This technique was also used for the other designs.

The designers aim was to create a light wallpaper pattern that wouldn’t darken a room. Using this concept, rooms can be kept bright, but with the added three-dimensional effect.

Image Credits: Eco Wallpaper and Frontdesign.se


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What’s your decorating style?

Nine questions to find out what decorating style suits you best.

Undecided how to decorate a certain room? Unsure what your style is and how to find the right items. Why not try this fun quiz by Houzz.com and learn which decorating style suits you.

Image credits: Houzz.com

Click here or the image above to answer 9 simple lifestyle questions to discover your style. Is the outcome as you expected?


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IDS Interior Design Show


Canada’s IDS Interior Design Show
Set to run from January 21st – 24th 2016
Now in its 18th year, IDS brings together the newest & most innovative of international and Canadian design. With three full days of inspirational exhibits, influential speakers & leading products, IDS is not just a fair — it’s a total design experience.

ids 2016-missoniImage credits : interiordesignshow.com

Show Venue:
255 Front Street West
Toronto, ON, CA
Full information can be found at http://www.interiordesignshow.com/


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House of the future?

What does the future hold for homes? Like most things in this modern era The Guardian believes technology will play an ever increasing rôle in this fun article.

The Guardian future house1 Rhodec blog
Illustration: Janne Iivonen

From the Garden to the Kitchen, there are companies, designers and engineers with some amazing tech already widely available, from Robot pets, building blocks constructed from natural cement churned out by bacteria to flooring that converts footsteps to energy. As technology advances at a rapid rate the possibilities are endless.

The Guardian future house2 Rhodec blog
Illustration: Janne Iivonen

Are you ready for a Robot butler?


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9 fantastic tips from photojournalist Steve McCurry

Being able to take a good photograph is an important part of an interior designer’s daily life, from capturing ideas that inspire you, to documenting your project work for clients. Here are some great tips from world renowned documentary photographer Steve McCurry, famous for his “Afghan Girl” image, on how to improve your photographs.

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imm cologne – The international furnishing show


imm cologne (The Int’l Furnishing Show) takes place in Cologne, Germany from 18.01.16 to 24.01.16 at Koelnmesse. In 2013 imm cologne attracted more than 142000 visitors and 1250 exhibitors. Trade show is organized by Koelnmesse GmbH.


The first interiors show of the year presents the trends that will be shaping the furniture and interiors sector. At the imm cologne, you’ll find a unique variety of interior design ideas for every room, every style and every requirement – from the basics all the way to designer items and luxury furnishings.

For further information and booking details vist the imm cologne site

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