Four of the most unusual home design images you’ll ever see.

1. Dick Clark’s Flintstones Stoneage House.

stone age 1

stone age2


Located in Malibu, California.

2. Slide House, Japan.


Looking like a normal three storey home, with just over 1,700 square feet, there’s a surprise waiting for any visitors. One side of the home has a conventional staircase, but the other side incorporates an amazing slide.

rhodecslidehouse2 rhodecslidehousejapan3

The 1,762 square-foot Nakameguro home designed by Japanese Studio LEVEL Architects is located in Meguro-ku, one of the municipalities of Tokyo, Japan.

3. The Keret House.

With space being at a premium in most modern cities, The Keret House offers a unique and cosy design solution.


Keret-House3 kerethouse3

Keret House is a structure and art installation in Warsaw, Poland. It was designed by the architect Jakub Szczęsny through the architecture firm Centrala.

4.  Nautilus: Seashell House, Mexico.


This amazing shell-shaped house was designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica and built in 2006.


seashell house3seashellhouse4seashellhouse5

Inspired by the work of Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright, the house is dominated by smooth surfaces, spiral stairs and simple but striking usage of colour. Website:

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