Take a breather in the “Comfort Zone” Inspirations 2017 Maison & Objet Paris

How would you create physical calm in your home?  So that when you stepped into your space regardless of its size and structure, the constant demands and uncertainty of the world were washed away.

This inspired “Comfort Zone” from Maison & Objet  recently.

They suggest curves instead of straight lines, chairs made with tactile fluffy toys and tranquil colours to ease tension.

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VR Computer Aided Design

“Designing within virtual reality is the next step in computer aided design” said Ekke Piirisild of the London studio VRTISAN in May 2016.

2016 was tipped to be the year for Virtual Reality.  The recent commercial release of Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR, and HTC’s Vive VR, has made VR accessible to firms of all sizes.  Foster & Partners are currently using them, as are Perkins & Will.  U.S giants Gensler have set up a department entirely dedicated to VR.

VR tools offer an immersive experience of designs, and the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry are using them more widely. They could reduce the divide between the “design” and the client’s perception of that “design” before it is fully realised in physical form. They would also offer a solution for those wishing to operate internationally, and with emphasis on client interactivity.


Ty Hedfan kitchen Real (top) virtual (bottom)

Designer and 3D visualiser Olivier Demangel from 3dnation in 2014 said that he believes virtual architecture will be as convincing as the real thing in five years time. In 2011, he made a series of movies using plans, and photos of Ty Hedfan, a house in Wales designed by architects Featherstone Young.

Does it have to be absolutely photorealistic to be of use now? By offering us more tools to experience and communicate our designs in 3D, we can see the spatial impact of our designs, and make adjustments in real time.

“It could potentially save clients money, and reduce error not otherwise picked up using the standard Building information modelling (BIM) 3D modelling or 2D paper drawings,” says Revitso chief Executive Arman Gukasyan. San Francisco based Vizerra created their BIM product Revitso adding “gamification” and cloud solutions to provide a unified view, and it can be integrated with AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUP.

If VR is the next logical step, how would BIM and VR complement each other? IrisVR provides software that can take BIM into VR in seconds. Likewise, Autodesk is working on Project Expo using the cloud to bring BIM models from Revit into Stingray who is offering a free 30 day trialUnity for AEC also offers excellent visuals also compatible with CAD tools.

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Plumen 003 lightbulb: The London Design Festival

Award winning design studio Hulger, launched the new Plumen 003 low energy light bulb at The London Design Festival this week.


Specialist lighting designer,  Claire Norcross designed the glass bell-like dome, and jeweller, Marie-Laure Giroux designed the tiered gold filament.


The low energy light bulb serves two functions. It emits a warm ambient glow, and at the same time provides a downward spotlight. The warm soft glow compliments the space, and the LED’s ensure that tasks such as reading, or writing are sufficiently lit.

plumen-003-designer-led-bulbImage credits Plumen

The Plumen 003 is available early November.

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Tubular Living

We’ve taken a step back to 2015 to see what the future of vertical living could hold.  Lane Crawford invited the Peoples Architecture Office (PAO) to create installations to celebrate their 165th anniversary.  PAO responded offering living spaces within steel ventilation shafts.

Image credits go to Peoples Architecture Office .

Horizontal, and vertical tubular structures flow.  Open cross sections, complete with furniture, and lighting designed by Peoples Industrial Design Office suggest how each space might function.

Image credits go to Peoples Architecture Office

stairs Tubular-Living-
Image credits go to Peoples Architecture Office

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone!  George Stanley designed the Canadian flag, unofficially known as the Maple Leaf.  The red field with the white square at its centre, and eleven pointed maple leaf is based upon the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada.



What better way to celebrate than get inspired by some amazing interior designers based in Canada.  Commercial Designers Burdifilek add their unique touch to this redesign for luxury shoe store, Davids in Toronto….

Burdifilek_Davids_Toronto_208image credits go to Burdifilek

And more recently in 2015 for Holt Renfrew….

Holt Renfrew 2015image credits go to Burdifilek

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Shitomito Pallet

Office space made from Pallets



This amazing conference room and recreation area in Japan has been designed by Hiroki Tominaga – Atelier. The 130 pallets used came from what was already available in the printing company’s office space plus nearby buildings. The pallets used to construct the walls had to be custom made.  We love how the pallet theme has been continued with the addition of sheets of glass to create the board tables. You can just imagine how the space would affect your senses when you walked in, and the designer mentions the smell of trees and the textures. Hopefully no splinters!
This image is taken from Tominaga Atelier http://www.ht-at.com/.  Visit for lots more inspiring designs.
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9 fantastic tips from photojournalist Steve McCurry

Being able to take a good photograph is an important part of an interior designer’s daily life, from capturing ideas that inspire you, to documenting your project work for clients. Here are some great tips from world renowned documentary photographer Steve McCurry, famous for his “Afghan Girl” image, on how to improve your photographs.

Do you want to learn more about interior design?

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Online Colour Test

UntitledHave you got a good eye for colour?  Find out with this fun test from x-rite and PantoneClick here

How did you do?  Would you like to learn more about the art of colour?

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Image and quiz credits go to x-rite.

New Book! AutoCAD 2015 for Interior Design and Space Planning

AutoCAD 2015

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• Covers new AutoCAD 2015 interface
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• Includes coverage of the AutoCAD DesignCenter
• Covers solid modelling in two chapters.

ISBN-13: 978-0133144857
Paperback: 744 pages
Publisher: Peachpit Press; 1 edition (29 Dec. 2014)


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