Paint-on wallpaper?

Wallpaper can dynamically change the look and feel of any room, with these wallpaper-like paint rollers from The Painted House you have infinite possibilities to create a design totally unique to you.

Using the Painted House’s patterned paint rollers will give you the look of patterned wallpaper with the easy roll-on application of paint, without the need to line up and match each roll of wallpaper. According to The Painted House it’s no harder than lining up a couple of marks on the rollers.


Of course the other beauty these rollers, if you wish to change design it’s as simple as painting over the old design and applying a new one!

painted-house3Furthermore using The Painted House rollers doesn’t just apply to walls, they also provide instructions on putting patterns to fabric, paper or even furniture. Anything you can apply paint to can be used to create your own unique designs.

paintedhouse7 paintedhouse6 paintedhouse4


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