Sample Boards

To an interior designer the sample board is a very useful presentational device, showing the client the actual materials you propose to use in a design. Interior design requires a great number of communication skills, and sometimes the skills are language-based. Visual communication is also, of course, another critical area in this profession.
Sample Boards are forms of communication that help clients experience actual samples of materials that may be included in the environment being designed for them.
These boards can be produced in a traditional manner or they might be very creatively presented. The key is to make sure the client understands them and is comfortable with the choices.
Reasons for Sample Boards
The interior designer has often gone through a long process to reach the point where a materials sample board can be presented. There is the entire process of designing and several preliminary presentations that are made before a formal materials board is prepared for presentation.
For the design professional this is more a form of communication support with the client than a meaningful part of the design process. The formal board is most often used for clarification with clients, and in many cases is the element that the client most identifies with.
Design of the Sample Board
The actual design of the sample board is a critical consideration for the design professional, because you want to convey your design abilities through the graphic presentation. Like the interior itself, the work that you produce to communicate your ideas needs to be well designed. Without a well-designed presentation, your client may not have the confidence necessary to follow through with the project with you as the designer.
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