The Brighton Waste House – The development of a ‘living laboratory’ for ecological architectural design.

Situated just around the corner from the Rhodec International office is the “Brighton Waste House”, which investigates strategies for constructing a contemporary, low energy, permanent building using over 85% waste material from household and construction sites.

waste house1 wastehouse2
Now completed, the building is Europe’s first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away or not wanted. It is also an EPC ‘A’ rated low energy building.

The project proves a low energy building can be constructed almost entirely by young people studying construction trades, architecture & design. Over 300 students worked on the project which was initially fabricated in the City College of Brighton and Hove workshops, and then assembled and completed by students and apprentices between May 2013 and April 2014.
Materials used within the construction include, unused bricks, ply sheets and leftover timber cut offs from construction projects. Denim jeans, video cassettes, DVD’s and even old plastic razors have been used to fill the wall cavities for insulation. How effective these materials will turn out to be is being monitored by a Phd student from the Faculty of Science 7 Engineering


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